” Mimi Ndio Nilimtoa Ushiago, I Bought Her Chips and Kebab” 2Mbili Opens Up On His Relationship With Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze.

Comedian 2 mbili has come out openly to reveal to Kenyans, the whole story behind Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze, and why she failed, and why everything didn’t work out as she expected.

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Speaking on Obinna show, 2mbili said that after Ngesh went viral online, he fueled his car till Naivasha, went to pick her, took her to a good restaurant, bought her some nice chips and kebab. Then he started talking to her, as he explains to her how the industry works.

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He was very willing to help her, and he informed her that since she is trending, many brands will want to use her for fame. Ngesh was okay till other people started influencing her. 2Mbili said that she had packaged Ngesh very well, and when she was with her, she used to be paid for any interview she went too.

The comedian said that he organised and Ngesh was given a ksh.70,000 wig, and she was told it belongs to her, she should feel free to pick it anytime she wants.
However the family members of Ngesh started manipulating her, and they made 2mbili to look like a bad person. Ngesh made her brother his manager and other family members were just controlling her.

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Without any knowledge in the industry, they went to Karen Nyamu, and Ngesh came out of the office with nothing, but a tiktok challenge only. 2mbili said that alot of people had promised to help Ngesh, and he was sure of them, but the family members of Ngesh misleaded her, and that is the reason why she failed terribly and went back to where she was.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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