Vinnie Baite: Story za Jaba Zimeninulia Mazda Worth ksh.2.5 Million na Shamba

Vinnie Baite Buys a Brand new Car worth ksh.2.5 Million..

Vinnie Baite is one of the comedians in Kenya who became famous via viral tiktok video. He started by doing tha famous Story za Jaba stories , later joined Churchill show and landed into a lucrative job at Milele Fm after becoming a big brand.

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His success story is very inspiring because he has rose from grass to grace. Speaking in an interview with Vincent Mboya, Baite said that God, hardwork and determination has helped him to make it in the entertainment industry.

With only 1 year in the field of entertainment, Baite is now a millionaire and his life has changed completely. Because of his hardwork Baite decided to gift himself a brand new Mazda, worth ksh.2.5 Million. This is just to appreciate himself for his hardwork.

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He said that the money he has been making from both Radio and comedy, he has been saving very well. He has already purchased a land and to enhance his mobility he decided to buy the Mazda.

Vinnie admitted that currently he is living a very lavish life and he is really focusing on investing.

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He is sure in the next 1 year he will be somewhere far. you can all remember that the journey of Vinnie to fame begun by doing ‘story za jaba’ in the streets and now he is a brand that is worth millions of money.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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