Unusual Confession: A Kisii Man’s Surprising Revelation about His Romantic Relationship With A Banana Tree

A Kisii Man Confesses That He Sleeps With a Banana Tree Daily.

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Unusual Confession: A Kisii Man’s Surprising Revelation about His Unique Bedmate

In a bizarre turn of events in Kenya, a Kisii man’s video confessing to an unconventional relationship with a banana tree has gone viral online, sparking a range of reactions, especially among TikTok users.

The revelation unfolded during a call to Radio Jambo, a prominent radio station in Kenya, as part of the ‘Toboa siri’ (reveal secret) segment hosted by Mbusii and Lion during their reggae show. This segment provides a platform for individuals to share their hidden secrets or personal issues.

The 27-year-old man from Kisii detailed his peculiar story, tracing back to his youth when he was close to his uncle. Following his uncle’s untimely demise, the man discovered through research that his beloved uncle had succumbed to HIV and AIDS, instilling a deep fear of the virus in him.

Facing challenges abstaining due to heightened arousal and his fear of contracting HIV, the man devised an unconventional solution to satisfy his intimate needs. He revealed that he turned to a banana tree, creating a hole for this purpose, considering it a safer alternative to engaging with women.

Despite societal pressures, including his parents urging him to marry, the man expressed disinterest in women, asserting that his unconventional relationship with the banana tree provides him with comfort and a sense of safety against HIV.

” Mimi nimezoea kulala na Mgomba Wa Ndizi, Sitaki Wasichana kabisaa, hao wanaweza niambukiza Ukimwi. Wazazi wamejaribu kuniambia nioe lakini wapi, ile kitu hawajui ni ati mimi niko na bibi yangu na ni hii mgomba wa ndizi, na huwa naskia vizuri sana”

This sounds weird, perhaps it seems like this man is still illiterate, because there are several ways that a person can use to have safe intercourse. You can use protections or take preps before getting intimate. Anyways this only happens in Kenya.

Reactions from Kenyans on Tiktok.

A Kisii Man Confesses That He Sleeps With a Banana Tree Daily.
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