” Tunaabudu Yesu Wa Tongaren Kwa Ibaada Zetu” Followers Confess.

Eliud Wekesa well known as Yesu Wa Tongaren has gain fame online for the past months, this is after he openly claimed to be the real Jesus Christ. He publicly said that he is the one who God choose to rescue the entire universe.

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Yesu wa Tongaren , lives in Bungoma , at a place known as Tongaren, through his claims, he has been able to attract a good number of followers. His church is always full, and he has 12 disciples who include both men and women.

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His wife is identified as Benjamin, she is his fourth disciple, and she claims to be the only blessed woman in the whole universe.

Through a video done by one of the online media channel, identified as Greattv254, they managed to interview the disciples of Yesu wa Tongaren and some of his followers. They all admitted and confessed that they do praise and bow down to Yesu Wa Tongaren.

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They are all sure that he is the real Jesus, and they are assured of a place in heaven. The disciples are very proud and happy to be linked to Yesu wa Tongaren and they are always ready to do anything to him.
During their church services, they always bow down to him with alot of respect.

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They indeed believe that they are in Jerusalem and they have luck to be among the choosen few. On the other hand Yesu wa Tongaren still insists to be the real Jesus Christ and he has urged Kenyans not to ignore him.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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