” Ni Wakora ,Wafungwee Kabisaa” Justina Syokau Exposes Mackenzie and Pastor Ezekiel

Justina Syokau Hits Out at Mackenzie and Ezekiel

After being silent for a while, controversial gospel singer , Just Syokau, decided to break silence by calling a press conference, to address, the Shakahola incident and how fake pastors are misleading kenyans.

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Syokau started by cursing Pastor Mackenzie for causing over 100 deaths. She said that is not a man of God, he should be jailed or even hanged to death. Syokau said that people such as Mackenzie are the ones who are making kenyans not to believe in church, they should be eliminated from the community completely.

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She went on Pastor Ezekiel’s case, Syokau said that she loves Ezekiel, but there are some of his teachings she doesn’t agree with. She said that Ezekiel sometimes contradicts with the bible and also God. Especially when hitting out at single mothers in the society.

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Justina said that she loves Pastor Ezekiel, but the government should also do its work, they should investigate, and if it is true that he is linked to Mackenzie’s case, then he should also face the law and face harsh judgement.

According to Syokau, it is time for the church to be streamlined, if the government is aware of any church that is preaching evil, especially the mushrooming churches, they should take an immediate action , close the church down and prosecute the pastors.

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The gospel singer also urged Kenyans to be careful and avoid being brainwashed, it is very sad to see hundreds of people loosing lives by starving themselves, in the name of seeing Jesus. Justina is optimistic that justice will prevail and those found guilty should be jailed forever.

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