After Humiliating Akothee, Andrew Kibe Goes For Pastor Dorcas Gachagua.

Andrew Kibe hits out at Dorcus Gachagua

The Kenyan content creator who is based in USA Andrew Kibe, has turned his binoculars to the second lady of Kenya, Pastor Dorcus Gachagua. This is after the wife to deputy president Rigathi Gachagua, tried to defend the church and herself concerning the Shakahola horror.

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Kibe who is a no nonsense and fearless content creator, decided to hit out at Dorcus, he told her all she need to do is just to shut up and let the government and those in authorities do their investigation , because they are the ones who have the rights to do so.

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He said that Dorcus Gachagua is trying to contradict herself by telling Kenyans what they already know. Kenyans know that Ezekiel and also Mackenzie were good friends of the government. They also so her dancing at Kasarani with Ezekiel, and she really praised him.

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Andrew Kibe said that the acts of Dorcus Gachagua trying to defend the church, and also clean her name, does not make any sense to normal Kenyans. It is not her role to do so, according to Kibe, people who are in government such as his husband Rigathi Gachagua are the ones who are supposed to talk.

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He urged Dorcus to remain silent, Kenyans are aware of what is happening, the government is also carrying out investigation, and if it will be a fair investigation, then the truth will be revealed, and Kenyans will know who is good and who is bad, so she should just remain silent.

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