” Triomio ni Babangu” A 32 Years Old Woman Claims.

A woman claims that Triomio is her father.

Kenya is full of drama’s , after Krg’s trending stories of being a father to many, it is time for the youngest rapper Triomio to trend again. This is after a 32 years old woman came out openly to claim that Triomio is her father.

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The woman is identified as Ngeus wa Githomo, speaking in an interview with one of the online media, she was very confident, and said openly that Triomio is her father and has neglected her.

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Her claims wasn’t making sense, because it is in the public domain that Triomio completed highschool in 2022 and he is just 18 years turning 19 years in 2023. On the other hand, the woman is 32 years old, meaning that she was born before Triomio was born.

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Trying to defend herself, the woman said that it happened miraculously, because God has his ways of making things happen. She said that if virgin marry got pregnant, yet she was a virgin, then according to her it makes sense that when she says that Triomio is her father.

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She went on and wished him a happy fathers day, and urged him to pick her calls, and to come back in her life again. It sounds crazy, but this is how weird kenyans are getting. Clout chasing is becoming a normal thing.

Here is the full video on Tiktok.

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