“Unaniharibia Ndoa”Krg Cries Out as He Threaten To Sue A Lady Who Claimed to Be His Baby Mama

Krg The Don threatens to sue a lady who claimed to be his Baby Mama

The controversial dancehall musician and one of the most successful business man, Krg The Don, decided to break silence, on the story of a lady, identified as Skyler, who claimed that she is his baby mama, and that Krg has dumped her with a nine months old baby.

Krg The Don threatens to sue a lady who claimed to be his Baby Mama
Krg The Don threatens to sue a lady who claimed to be his Baby Mama

Speaking during an interview with Vincent Mboya, Krg The Don decided to reveal the truth as he threatens to sue the young lady. He said that the date the young lady is saying that they met at his club, Casevera, the club was not yet opened.

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According to Krg The Don and information available online, Casevera Club was opened on 3rd December 2021, on the other hand the woman claims that she met Krg on 15th November 2021, the club wasn’t opened at this period it was still under construction.

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Krg told the young lady to stop telling lies, because she is defaming him, destroying his brand, and her lies are really affecting his relationship with his current girlfriend. It will make ladies hate him , yet he isn’t a deadbeat dad.

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Krg The Don said that he is ready to do DNA test, and after that he will sue the lady. He told the lady that he has been looking for a daughter for a while, and if told that the pregnancy was for him, then he cold have been living with her at his mansion at Lavington, because he has been looking for a daughter.

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Krg said that if the woman continues to insist and tell lies to the public, they will go for DNA test, and after that, he will sue her and she will have to pay a very huge amount of money for false accusations and also damaging his brand.

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