Shakila Socialite : I Only Sell My Body to Rich Men.

Shakila Socialite Reveals that she only sell her goodies to rich tycoons and mostly the Nigerians.

At the age of 20 years Shakila Socialite has already slept with uncountable men. Her body count is unknown, she revealed that it is over 100 men.

Who is Shakila?

She is one of the most famous upcoming Kenyan Female Socialite, Shakila Tiffany, well known as the Queen of the streets. She is a student of Riara University but currently Shakila  isn’t in school.

 What Shakila Socialite does for a living.

Shakila Socialite has identified herself as a socialite and she sells sex. She also does hookup business and she is also a member of onlyfans where she sells her nudes.

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How Shakila Socialite earns money from rich men and her charges.

Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Shakila  said that the streets are really paying her very well. She said that now is back on her social media pages after few months of working on herself. Shakila said that she is back with new rate cards and to have sex with her you must be rich and be able to afford her because she is a full package. Her rate card is almost 5 figures.

What Shakila Socialite Went to do in Nigeria.

Shakila said that she went in Nigeria for quite sometime and the main reason she was there was to sell her goodies to Nigerian men. Shakila Socialite said Nigerians are big boys and they have alot of money so she had to go there to visit the streets of Nigeria. While there she had a taste of several Nigerian Men.

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Shakila Maintaining her body for business.
Shakila Socialite
Shakila Socialite /photo courtesy.

Shakila said her body is her bank account and also business, that is one of the reasons she decided to go and transform her body and now she looks like a full snack. She said that she has also opened up a hooking up business where people pay to hook up and have sex.

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Shakila Socialite Dating Multiple Men.

Shakila said that she is dating multiple men and the main reason she is doing that is because of making more money. “If one man can make you happy, just imagine dating 10 men” Shakila said.

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Shakila Socialite on Visiting Other Countries

She also said that she has plans to visit several streets of African Countries especially west Africa. She still wants to have a taste of their men before going abroad. Shakila said that she quited school for a while to use her body to make money.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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