Meet Stivo Simple boy,Class 8 Drop Out, Former Watchman, Who is Making Millions of Money From Music

Inspiring Story of Stivo Simple Boy, A Class 8 Drop Out Who is Making Millions of Money From Music.


Stephen Otieno Adera famous as Stivo Simple Boy, is a true definition of there is light at the end of the tunnel. From a humble background in Homabay , he is now making millions of money from his music.

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Background of Stivo Simple Boy.

The artist was born in Oyugis, Homabay county in 1990. He started schooling in Homabay upto class seven. His family shifted to Nairobi, Kibera Slums. Hence he completed, his primary education in Nairobi, and he never continued.

Stivo Simple Boy Before Fame
Stivo Simple Boy Before Fame /Photo Courtesy.

Why He dropped out of school.

Stivo Simple Boy, was unable to continue with his high school education because of school fees. His parents couldn’t raise the secondary fees. Stivo also revealed that he was a slow learner, hence education wasn’t his thing.

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Hustling Journey of Stivo Simple Boy.

Working as a security personnel.

After dropping out of school, Stivo decided to start hustling. His first job was working as a security personnel in a certain company. He did the job for 2 years. He was fired because thieves robbed the organisation while on duty with his assistant.

Mjengo.(Building and Construction).

The musician has worked in the construction industry for a while. After loosing the security personnel job, Stivo Simple Boy , decided to join Mjengo field in Kibera. He worked there for about 3 years before his breakthrough.

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Music Journey

Since he was young, simple boy loved singing. He was a Kiswahili lover in school, hence the reason he uses most swahili vocabularies in his songs. The artist used to sing while working as a Mjengo person. His Famous Mihadharati song he did while working in Mjengo field.

Becoming Famous.

Mihadharati song blew up after 2 years. This is after Chipukeezy invited him on his show at Ebru TV . It was in 2019, Stivo’s video signing Mihadharati went viral. Most people loved his lyrics and also others mocked his looks. That is how he started gaining fame and becoming a big deal.

Making Millions of money from Music.

Despite being humiliated by his previous Made in Kibera Management, Stivo didn’t give up. It is alleged that the management used to devour his money , making him to languish in poverty despite being famous.

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Stivo was rescued by a new management. The management is taking care of him very well. His hitsongs, Freshi Barida and many others, have helped him get more gigs. In an interview With Presenter Ali, Stivo Simple Boy said that he has alot of money.

Odi bet deal saw him pocket ksh. 500,000 and built a house for his parents. In 2022 he has performed in several gigs . He has also got deals that saw him pocket more than ksh. 500,000. He is living a lavish life and he is among the famous celebrities in Kenya.

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