How Njoroge of Papa Shirandula Rose From a Sweets Hawker, to A Millionaire Owning  Lands and Rentals.

Inspiring Story of Njoroge of Papa Shirandula.

Kenneth Gichoya famous as Njoroge of Papa Shirandula, is among the legend actors who are good investors. Njoroge rose from a sweets hawker, to a famous actor, and finally to a millionaire  owning lands and rentals.

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Background Information About Njoroge of Papa Shirandula.

Njoroge was raised in several  places  in Nairobi. After completing his primary  education , he joined Baricho Boys. Here he was a good  actor  and he reached  provincial level . He won several  awards as an actor, while in high school.

Apart from acting, Njoroge is a family man. He has a very beautiful  wife, and 3 children. 2 sons and a daughter, the eldest child  is at Multimedia  University.

Njoroge of Papa Shirandula
Njoroge of Papa Shirandula with his sons /Photo Courtesy.

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Joining Theatre and Selling Sweets.

After completing secondary  education, Njoroge  joined  theatre to continue  with  his acting career. The salary at the theatre was very  small, because he used to earn ksh. 300 per day.

The actor decided to venture into selling sweets. His business was successful, because  he used  to  make ksh. 2000 per day.  He saved  the money  and bought  his own Matatu. Njoro became a tout in his own matatu.

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Joining Papa Shirandula.

This  was a very  big breakthrough in his life. Charles Bukeko, famous  as the late Papa  Shirandula, played a role in the making  of Njoroge.

Gichoya now famous as Njoroge  of Papa Shirandula, became a great actor and  personal friend of Bukeko. Njoroge became  a big brand and name in the acting industry.

How Njoroge of Papa Shirandula Becoming a Millionaire, Owning lands and Rentals.

Since childhood  Njoroge was good at saving. So the money he used to earn from acting at Papa  Shirandula, he used  to invest  wisely.

Saved the money and purchased several  lands. He has invested in land and rental houses in Mutalia, along Kangundo road, 42 kilometers from Nairobi city.

He has also built a palatial home in Kitengela, Kajiado county where he does farming.

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