Ringtone Apoko Shows off his new Shoes Worth ksh.12 Milllion.

Ringtone Apoko Flaunts Ksh.12 Million Shoes.

The self proclaimed chairman of gospel music in Kenya, Ringtone Apoko is again trending online. The singer who is known for bragging about his wealth and how he is living a very lavish lifestyle , decided to show off his brand new shoes that are worth millions of money.

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Ringtone said that , he recently sent his manager abroad to buy for him new sneakers. According to him, the sneakers have some golden coats and those are things that makes them expensive.

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The musician said that the sneakers costed him ksh. 12 Milllion. He said it is just a small amount of money and he also feels that they are worth it because they are more comfortable.

Ringtone Apoko
Ringtone Apoko Flaunts Ksh.12 Million Shoes.

He went on and criticized people who have been saying that he is poor. Apoko insisted that he is worth ksh.50 Billion. He said that he can’t compete with Kenyan musician when it comes to wealth, the only person who is competing with him in Africa is Prophet Odepo from Nigeria.

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Apoko hitted out at Krg the Don and said that he has much wealth than him. He said that Krg is just a mere millionaire and his wealth is just a section of what he owns. Ringtone said that he won’t be revealing the exact prices of his outfits because people think that he likes bragging and showing off.

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