I Used To Offer The Devil 4 Passengers Monthly To Maintain My Bus Company’s Name and Wealth.

Story of James Nduati

James Nduati a former matatu and bus owner , decided to open up on the dark secrets, he used to make more money in the transportation industry and how the consequences were very harsh.

Speaking in an interview with Kamhunjia, James Nduati said that he was from a humble background in Murang’a County. He wasn’t bright in school and therefore he decided to shift to Nairobi City to look for greener pastures.

In Nairobi he started hustling, and slow by slow he advanced into Bodaboda business then advanced to Matatu business. However he wasn’t successful in the Matatu industry. Anytime he tried to launch the business it failed terribly and he could make huge losses.

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He decided to consult one of his friend who was doing well in the industry. This was after he took a loan of ksh.30 Million to buy A Bus and two Matatus.
The friend introduced him to dark powers without knowing. He took him to a certain man who is known as Pastor. The man resided in the bush, and they used to go there at night and the pastor used to look like a witch doctor.
So James met this Pastor, who informed him to bring her wife’s dress along. He did so, and they had a successful talk. After few days the business started booming and profits were doubling.
However his wife started getting sick, James tensed, and went back to the pastor, who assured him she will get better, and for sure after a while the wife started getting better.

The business boomed for about 3 months and things started going left again. He went back to the pastor, who told him to bring all the logbooks of his Matatus and Buses. He did so and after a while the business was back to normal and he started making millions.

However this time round, his Matatus both those who were operating at Thika Road and Bus travelling to western Kenya started getting involved in accidents.
Monthly almost six of his Matatus used to be involved in accidents and about 4 people could die. This continued in the period of 2015 to 2019,When James said enough is enough.

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Something shocking is that Insurance company used to refund them whenever his Matatu gets involved in an accident. He went to the pastor told him that he is tired of what was happening and he is quitting Matatu business for good.

The pastor laughed at him and told him everything has consequences, and that is just the beginning, if he quits then alot is about to happen. After 3 months, his wife got sick and died. That is in 2020. The wife was aware that his husband had sacrificed him, she told his children and family members everything.

James was disappointed and stressed. It was a painful death, and he returned to quarrel with the pastor, who told him there is still more to happen. The pastor told him that wealth doesn’t come easy and he will continue humiliating him.
James returned back and things just got messy. His family departed from him, he became bankrupt, sold everything he had gained to pay debts. He remained with nothing. He remained with only a house and car yard along Kiambu road which is also not doing well.

He is now full of regrets, he stopped going to altars and now he is living a lonely miserable life, full of regrets. His children are successful in Canada and they dumped him. He is regretting for his mistakes and just waiting for his death.

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