Mulamwah: The Least Amount Of Money I Walk Around With Daily is 70 K Mpesa, 50K Cash.

One of the most famous Kenyan comedian and content creator, also a radio presenter at Milele Fm, Mulamwah, revealed publicly the amount of money he usually walks around with.

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Mulamwah who is also doing well in business, and owning over 30 motorbikes, and other businesses premises, is really reaping alot, hence he has alot of income generating activities.

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In his previous interview he revealed that he is a millionaire, and per month he can make over Ksh. 1 Million. Remember he has also several endorsement deals and he is also invited to Mcee in several events.

In an interview with Flossy Trukid, Mulamwah revealed that whenever he walks around, his Mpesa and also cash must be well loaded. He is always ready for anything.

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He said that the least amount of money he always walks around with in Mpesa is Ksh.70,000 or 80,000 . However when it comes to cash, he always walks around with ksh.50,000 plus, he even showed the money to prove.

Here is the video.


Mulamwah is wealthy and he is even building a Multimillion Mansion in his village home. In Nairobi he resides in a Ksh. 70,000 monthly rent apartment, however he usually pay the whole year rent once, that is around ksh.1.4 Million.

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