Ngesh Kaveve kazoze: Najua Ngoma Zangu ni Za Wana Lakini Zinanipea Pesa.

Ngesh Kaveve kazoze

Upcoming gengetone artist Ngesh Kaveve Kazoze has been the talk of the town for quite a while. Ngesh went viral after her lyrics in the song she sang with her crew known as spider gang went viral.

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She sang about things that are relatable, and kenyans loved it. She single handedly made the song to hit over 1 Million views in a span of 2 weeks. She started getting interviews and also people came on board to support her.

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However there is a group of her haters, who aren’t happy, with the way Ngesh went viral once, and her lifestyle started changing. From being a hawker to performing in clubs and being paid quite a good amount of money.

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Hence during her live on Tiktok, one of her haters told her that she just sings nonsense, and her lyrics don’t make any sense to any normal kenyan.

The statements were very cursing, but Ngesh Kaveve kazoze, decided to calm him, by accepting that her songs are too childish, however according to her, those childish lyrics are the ones that are currently paying her bills.

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She performs in several clubs, and at the end she gets paid some money. Ngesh said that as long as she is making good amount of money from music, she won’t stop singing her childish lyrics, she is talented and she will use her talent to transform her lifestyle.

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