Stivo Simple boy: Nataka Kufanya Collabo na Rick Ross.

Stivo Simple boy opens up on doing a collabo with Rick Ross.

One of the best male artist in Kenya , Stivo Simple boy has revealed his plans of going international. Simple boy has revealed his upcoming collaboration and also the artist that he is really eager to work with , both in Kenya and outside the country.

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Speaking in an interview with Mwende Macharia, Simple boy said that he feal greatful and thank his management for making him a big name again. The new management has completely changed his lifestyle and now he is living like an artist who is making millions of money from music.

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He said that he has done several songs and the upcoming song might be an Amapiano song, featuring a famous Amapiano artist. He also said  that he is aspiring to work with several Tanzanian artists, especially Alikiba and Harmonize.

However his biggest dream is to work with one of the best rappers in USA, Rick Ross. Stivo said that this is one of his dreams and he is optimistic that one day he will do a collabo with him.

” Nataka kufanya collabo na Rick Ross, napenda kazi yake na nina matumaini chemistry yetu inaweza ingiana”.

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Simple boy said that he can’t work with Nigerian artist because of language barrier. However he is trying to see if he can do something with the famous Ruger . He urged Kenyan artists to love each other and support each other. He strongly believe that unity is the only thing that will make our music industry rise up again.

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