Meet Kalausi Creatives, A Former Bodaboda rider who is making Millions of money on Tiktok

How Kalausi Creatives rose from a bodaboda rider to a Tiktok millionaire.

Kalausi Creatives is a very famous Kenyan tiktoker and content creator. He is well known as Teacher Kalausi because of how he usually explain his content using a black board, the way teachers usually do.

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Kalausi has a very dark past, but this didn’t prevent him from making it in life. He tried everything and finally find his breakthrough , via tiktok and he is now making millions of money from the platform.

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Speaking in an interview with Presenter Ali, Kalausi said that he is from a very humble background in Chemelil, Migori County.

Kalausi Creatives
Kalausi Creatives

The situation back at home forced him to start hustling at a very younger age.
While in form 2 he learned how to ride a motorcycle. Hence he used to do Bodaboda business part time so that he can raise money to pay his high school fees.

After completing form four, he decided to move to Nairobi City to look for greener pastures. In Nairobi he used to stay with his aunt.

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Because he is a hardworking person and a very optimistic man, he decided to start hustling in Gikomba where he used to carry luggages. At the end of the day he could make some money to sustain himself.
He then started doing tiktok videos. His content was unique because of how he used to explain using the black board. His videos went viral and he started gaining fame and followers on the platform.

This fame started coming along with money. During his lives he used to get some gifts that are usually converted into money. He used to make upto ksh.50,000 per week from tiktok when he started gaining fame.

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One day he went live and a fan from nowhere just surprised him with ksh.600,000 , in a span of only 20 Minutes. Since then his life changed. He upgraded his content and started making good amount of money from the platform on daily basis.

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Kalausi said that tiktok money has changed his life completely. He is now a car owner and he has also bought a land. His 2nd car is already at the port waiting for clearance. He is now living a very lavish lifestyle, courtesy of millions he earns from tiktok.


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