Kazi ni Kazi, Jackie Vicky (Awinja), hawking ‘mikombero’ and ‘Njugu’ in Qatar

Jackie Vicky selling groundnuts and 'mikombero' in Qatar.

One of the most famous content creator in Kenya, Jackie Vicky , famous as Awinja Nyamwalo , has caused stir online, after she shared a video of her hawking ground nuts , simsim and ‘Mikombero’ in Qatar.

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Awinja is among the lucky Odibets influencers who got a chance to be taken to Qatar by the betting company, to go and watch worldcup matches live in the stadium.

Jackie Vickie
Jackie Vicky hawking groundnuts and Mikombero in Qatar

Being a creative content creator, Jackie decided to carry the normal snacks that Kenyans usually sell in the stadium here in Kenya during football tournaments.

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She shared a video of her carrying a bucket full of groundnuts, simsim and ‘Mikombero’, which are roots that are mostly used to boost men libido.

Jackie said that she decided to do this , so that she can help the arabs and other white men in boosting there libido. She said that she wants to help them up there bed game just like the African men.

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Awinja was in her normal acting attires , but she seemed to be serious with the business .At the end of the video she was seen heading towards the stadium with the bucket and the roots.

Click here to watch full video on YouTube.

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