Pritty Vishy: I Made Stivo Simple Boy Famous and Then He Dumped Me.

Pritty Vishy claims that she is the one who made Stivo Simple Boy famous

One of the upcoming socialite and content creator , Pritty Vishy has decided to fireback at people online, who have been claiming that , she used Stivo Simple boy as a stepping stone of becoming famous and more relevant.

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Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko. Pritty said that most people don’t know that she is the one who made Stivo Simple Boy who he is now.

The content creator said that , Stivo was going through alot in her previous management, and he was being humiliated and despite being famous he was very broke.

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Since Stivo was a coward, she was the one who came out openly to reveal to the public that he was suffering and mistreated by his management. The story went viral and new management came for the rescue of Simple Boy.

Pritty said if she could have remained silent, then Stivo could have been somewhere in Kibera, living a poor life . She however said that Stivo has never thanked her for that , all he does is just turnishing her name in every interview he goes.

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Vishy added that currently she doesn’t care about him and since they parted ways, she doesn’t have any business with him and she will never again help him incase things go left with his new management.

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