Huddah Monroe: Most Kenyans Have Degree’s But they are Stupid and Uninformed.

Huddah blasting Kenyans for not supporting Huddah Cosmetics.

“Most Kenyans Have Degree’s But they are Stupid and Uninformed” Huddah Monroe Breathes Fire.

Famous Socialite Huddah Monroe has decided to choose violence by insulting Kenyans in general after she revealed that 90% of her customers aren’tĀ  Kenyans and generally Kenyans haven’t Supported her brand.

It all started with a beef between Huddah Monroe and Murugi Munyi and this is after Murugi talked negative about Huddah Monroe’s brand by saying that her cosmetics have a lot of red flags.

Huddah decided to come out openly to defend her skin care products and while defending her brand, Huddah decided to drag the whole nation. Huddah claimed that Kenyans haven’t supported her brand in any way and 90% of her clients aren’t Kenyans.

She went ahead and attacked the mindset of majority of Kenyans who like judging things without having tested them. Huddah said that most Kenyans have degree’s but still stupid and uninformed, hence degree can’t even kill their stupidity.
(Here are screenshots of Huddah Monroe’s statements).

Huddah blasting Kenyans for not Supporting Huddah Cosmetics

Huddah Monroe said that if she could have been depending on Kenyans to buy her products them she could have been living a very desparate life in the streets. Huddah has said that she is on her own and she has been pushing her brand by her own. She doesn’t care if Kenyans support or don’t support because they haven’t been supporting her but she has been making major moves. All the best Huddah Monroe and you are doing a good work, sometime getting local support may be hard but you are strong and keep on winning.


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