List of African Countries That Have Legalized Marijuana.

African Nations that have legalized Bhang.


Cannabis Sativa Well known as Marijuana is proving not only to be a hard drug but also a very essential drug when it comes to the treatment of some illness. Some of the African Countries are following the footprints of the European Countries and they have started making Marijuana for medication purposes.

In Kenya Marijuana is still illegal but with Wajackoyah’s method of campaign, quite a good number of Kenyans have learnt that Marijuana is more than a hard drug.  studies have found that CBD and other non-psychoactive cannabinoids can effectively be used to prevent and treat GI disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). It can also be used to treat some inflammatory diseases and many more others.

When it comes to commercial purposes, Marijuana is very expensive and it can help to build economy if it isn’t abused. Some nations such as Jamaica, most of their citizens depend on Marijuana to earn a living.

Below are some of the African countries that have so far legalized marijuana.

It was the first African nation to legalize Marijuana and they have been really benefitting from it.


Morocco was the second country in Africa to legalize marijuana after Lesotho. Morocco is planning to expand the growth of Marijuana for exportation.


It is the latest African country to legalize weed for both commercial and recreational purposes.

Zimbabwe, South Africa and Rwanda are also other developed nations that have legalized bhang.
Globally Countries that have legalized bhang are:

Mexico, Canada, China, Georgia, Malta, Uruguay, United States, Colombia, Israel, New Zealand, North Macedonia, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, Germany. Others are still planning to legalize the drug.




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