Mbogi Genje Arrested For Allegedly Stealing A Motorbike In Kayole.

2 of the famous gengetone crue artist Mbogi Genje, made up of 3 artists, found themselves in hot soup for allegedly stealing stealing a motorbike in Kayole.

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Through a viral video , that has really trended on social media platforms, Smady Things and Guzman, who are very key in the Mbogi Genje crue, found themselves in a hot soup, after an angry mob, wanted to do a mob justice for them in Kayole area.

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It is alleged that the two musicians were caught stealing a motorbike, belonging to a local of Kayole. The reaction of the netizens attracted a crowd that was really angry, but the police officers had to intervene, and the two were taken into custody.

Here is the link to the full video on Instagram.

This is a very big shame to their brand, and it may cost them big deals. Mbogi Genje is a celebrated music group, and they have very many hitsongs.

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However since the decline of gengetone music, it is alleged that the group hasn’t been getting much shows, maybe that is the reason why they started  engaging in some activities that are landing them into problems.

Here is the video of Mbogi Genje members, Guzman and Smady Things in Custody.

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