Natalie Gitinji: Hakuna Mtu Normal Nrg Radio, We Get Paid To Have Fun.

One of the most famous and celebrated kenyan radio presenter, Natalie Gitinji, decided to open up on the working environment at Nrg Radio, and why it is the radio with the most crazy presenters in Kenya.

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Nrg Radio is one of the most famous radio in Kenya and for the past few years it has dominating the industry, by employing celebrities and also holding some big shows in the country.

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Natalie however revealed that the station is just full of crazy people who are professional. Speaking in an interview with Obinna, Natalie said that everyone at Nrg Radio have their own issues, that is why you see that they always get crazy in the studio.

Starting from her, Kingkalala, Three men army, Dj Exclusive, Mwalimu Rachel and all others, they are just a vibe, and their boss just pay them to have fun. The studio is usually hyped up, and they are also professionals in their work.

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She revealed that they usually receive regular training about radio.During the show time they always kill it, however off the microphone, or off air, they usually create light moments in the studio, according to her, being normal is boring.

Gitinji said that she loves the working environment of Nrg Radio, and she isn’t ready to exit the station. She even told her boss that incase he fires her, she won’t live, she will be willing to work for free, because it is just a vibe and a great moment.

Click the link below to watch full video on Tiktok.

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