Shakila : I Charge Ksh.10,000 For Chilling With me for 1Hour Only.

Shakila Charges Ksh.10,000 for chilling with her for 1 hour only.

One of the most famous and controversial  young socialite in Kenya, Shakila Tiffany, has finally revealed her rate card  and the amount of money a person must pay to chill with her.

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Through a question and answer session, the socialite who had previously revealed that , she charges 6 figures for someone to sleep with her, decided to say the amount of money she charges people who just want to chill with her.

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According to her, if a person wants to chill with her, he has to pay ksh.10,000 for one hour. She didn’t clarify very well if it is just chilling alone, or there is also a happy ending.

Shakila Charges Ksh.10,000 for chilling with her for 1 hour only.

The reason why Shakila charges money to have her is because her body is her business. In an interview with Mungai Eve, she said that she has invested alot in her body , because it is her bank and someone must pay a good amount of money to have her.

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She is also on record saying that she prefer selling her body to Nigerian men because, they are very rich and they pay her well. She also said that she will never date a Kenyan man in her entire life, because she feels that most of them are stingy and not her type.

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