See How Andrew Kibe Earns Between ksh.500,000 To 7 Million From YouTube Monthly.

They always say that God’s time is the best, this is what is currently happening in Andrew Kibe’s Life. He is really making Millions of money from YouTube. He is reaping alot and his content has been doing well on the platform.

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When Kibe left Kenya to USA  he was very broke, and in one of his podcast, he revealed that, he had borrowed money to facilitate his transport. However when he reached there he saw no need of coming back to Kenya and he decided to risk by starting a podcast.

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He decided to focus on a unique niche, that is feared by many content creators, the niche was criticizing celebrities. With his don’t care attitude, he started gaining fame, especially after hitting out at Mungai Eve and her boyfriend.

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His YouTube channel which was about 100K subscribers with few views, started shooting up. In Kenya Kibe became a trending topic and a good number of people found his content meaningful and others hated on it.

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A year down, Andrew Kibe has over 400,000 subscribers on YouTube. He is really making a crazy amount of money from the platform on monthly basis.
According to social breed, which is a website, that analyzes the earnings of YouTube Channels. Andrew Kibe is estimated to be earning  between ksh. 500,000 to Ksh.7 Million per month from the platform.

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Keep in mind that he is based in USA and the CPM and CPC of US is very high as compared to Kenya, so it is true that he is earning huge amount of money. Per day, Kibe uploads upto 5 videos and most of them get over 60,000 views in a day.

The money from YouTube has enabled him to bay a Mercedes Benz S Class , worth ksh.12 Million. His lifestyle is changing and very soon Kibe will be a Multimillionaire because his audience is growing on daily basis.

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