MCA Tricky: Why I Didn’t Attend My Inlaw’s Wedding ( Akothee).

One of the most famous Kenyan celebrity and comedian MCA Tricky has finally come out openly to reveal the reason, why he didn’t attend Akothee’s wedding. Tricky was among the celebrities who were expected to show up at the wedding, but surprisingly the comedian was nowhere to be seen when Akothee was walking down the isle.

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Speaking in an interview with 2mbili tv, MCA Tricky who is alleged boyfriend of Rue Baby, said that the main reason why he didn’t show up at his inlaws wedding, is because he is on the list of people who will be going to Switzerland.

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Tricky said that he really saw no reason to attend the Kenyan wedding, because he is among the selected few who will be with Akothee in Switzerland. He urged people to stop overthinking, because he had a chance to show up, but they mutually agreed with Akothee that he will be going for the next wedding.

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The comedian said that he is currently preparing for the July 10th wedding, and he won’t disappoint kenyans, he will show up well groomed and he will represent them well out there.

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He didn’t speak about his relationship with Rue Baby, baby he generally said that him and Akothee are in good terms, and it was just his will not to attend the Kenyan wedding, but to attend the Switzerland one.

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He however said that he congratulated Madam boss, and he was also following the wedding keenly, and he can say that it was indeed a grand royal wedding. Akothee’s wedding was worth it, and she really deserves to be happy always, she has been through alot and it is her time to enjoy marriage life.

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