Samson! Meet Ango Musungu A Strong Luhya Man Who Pulls A Car With His Hair.

The man with the strongest hair in the world

Ango Musungu from Shianda , Mumias in Kakamega County, is one of the people in the world with the strongest hair. His hair has extraordinary strength and things he does with it are just unbelievable.

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After his story went viral online, Afrimax English decided to have an exclusive interview with him, to let the world know, that Musungu is indeed a human being with the strongest hair in the planet earth.
In the holy bible, his strength can be compared to Samson, who also used to do extraordinary things , and his energy was in his hair.

The man with the strongest hair in the world
Ango Musungu,The man with the strongest hair in the world

Speaking in an interview with Afrimax , Musungu said that he discovered his talent through dreams, he then decided to start using his hair to lift heavy things. He even didn’t believe himself that his hair is capable of lifting heavy things.

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People didn’t believe him, till one day he pulled a car Infront of them, the car had no driver and the engine was off, but Musungu tied his hair on it and pulled it several metres.

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He said that there is no magic he uses, it just a talent and a gift from God. Musungu went on an pulled a pickup that was full of people using his hair, live on camera.

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The old man said that his extraordinary energy couldn’t allow him to have one wife, so he opted to marry five wives, and they handle him very well. He said that he satisfys them well and he is still very flexible.

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Ango urged the government to support his talent, especially during this difficult times, so that he can atleast earn a living. He is struggling with life yet he has an extraordinary talent that can make him rich if someone supports him.

Click the link below to watch full video on YouTube.

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