” Kichwa Yake Inafanana Sehemu Nyeti ” 2Mbili Insults CassyPool.

2Mbili Insults CassyPool

The famous comedian and the host of the celeb ride show, 2mbili caused stir online, after he decided to hit out at CassyPool who is one of the entertainment and celebrity critic. 2mbili decided to body shame CassyPool by describing the shape of his head using a vulgar language.

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The two who are somehow close friends, though they are used to dissing each other, were doing an interview. 2mbili wanted to hear CassyPools reactions after he said that Diamond Platnumz has no a house, he is renting. The video went viral in Tanzania, and it was the chance of CassyPool to explain his sentiments well.

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The interview wasn’t perfect, because it turned into a mockery game and they were throwing shade at each other. It was like a boys conversation but they were really making fun of each other.

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2Mbili decided to throw a shade at CassyPool. This time round was inform of body shaming. The comedian told CassyPool that his head lookslike private parts. He even touched the wringles at the back of CassyPools head, zoomed the camera, and insisted that they are similar to private parts.

2mbili insults CassyPool
2mbili insults CassyPool

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

Despite having created a light moment, CassyPool felt that insult, but he couldn’t overreact, because they were live on camera.

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