Tiktoker Alma Mutheu Opens Up On Dating Willy Paul.

Alma Mutheu addresses the romours about her and Willy Paul dating.

There have been allegations online that the famous tiktoker and youtuber, Alma Mutheu is having something privately with Willy Paul. The tiktoker decided to open up on everything and revealed the truth to kenyans and all her Followers.

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Speaking in an interview on Mungai Eve show, Alma Mutheu admitted publicly that she is out of the market, and that she is in a very serious relationship with the life of her life.

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She said that about Willy Paul, there is nothing serious going on between them. She said that she isn’t dating Pozze and that was just the judgement of people based on the cover photo of one of her videos.

Alma Mutheu Opens Up on Dating Willy Paul
Alma Mutheu Opens Up on Dating Willy Paul

She urged Miss P supporters not to worry because she isn’t dating Willy Paul as many of them had concluded. Alma said that her current relationship is very private, and she has no plans of introducing the love of her life to the public.

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The main reason why Mutheu is afraid of introducing her boyfriend on social media, is because of bullies, and how Kenyans always react. She revealed that he isn’t on the public domain, and the two of them just had a mutual agreement, which was to just keep their relationship private.

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