” Mnataka Niwaste Pesa Nikifilisika Mnicheke” Krg The Don Defends His Less Contributions to Mustapha.

Krg The Don defends his less contributions to Mustapha

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, and successful entrepreneur, Krg The Don defended his less contribution towards veteran artist Colonel Mustapha, who was going through tough times after running broke .

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Speaking in an interview with online media, Krg The Don said that he can’t help all the Kenyans, he said that he has also worked hard for his money, and he can only help a person upto a certain level.

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The singer defended his less contribution towards Colonel Mustapha. A viral screenshot that was shared online, showed that Krg contributed ksh.20,000 , which is low according to Kenyans online, who think that he is a billionaire and he is supposed to contribute 6 figures.

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Krg The Don said that he has never met Mustapha in person and he contributed the amount of money that he felt is enough for him to contribute. He also has financial management, and he can’t just waste money, because when he wastes money, and later run broke, Kenyans wont help him they will start mocking him.

” Sina pesa za kuwaste, mnataka niwaste pesa kiholela holela , nikifilisika muanze kunicheka” Krg said.

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The controversial musician said that everyone is working hard, and it is not his role to be helping everyone, for him he will be always helping to the level he can, because he also has plans with his money.

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He also urged Kenyan celebrities and anyone in the country who is facing any problem , to open up, and get assistance, because if they remain silent, the problem might kill them silently.

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