Ringtone Apoko: Mackenzie Hana Makosa, Hongera Kwake, Wale Wameaga Dunia Wako Mbinguni.

Ringtone Apoko supports Pastor Mackenzie

Controversial gospel singer and the self proclaimed chairman of gospel music industry in Kenya Ringtone Apoko has come out openly to defend, the controversial pastor, Mackenzie, who has been trending online following the Shakahola horror, where more than 90 people have lost their lives.

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Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Ringtone Apoko said that What Pastor Mackenzie did was right and it is encouraged in the bible, According to Ringtone, one way of seeing the kingdom of God is leaving all the pleasures of the world and material things, then giving your life to God through fasting.

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Ringtone said that Mackenzie guided his followers very well, and he is sure that all the people who have died are now in heaven. Apoko said that every Kenyan is supposed to fast for them to see the Kingdom of heaven.

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Apoko confidently said that people loosing their lives is a normal thing, and it is just a light issue because, at the end we will all die. The difference comes to who will go hell and who will go to heaven. Apoko said all the followers of Mackenzie who died are now in heaven celebrating and kenyans here are criticizing the man of God.

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The musician however said that Pastor Mackenzie himself won’t enter heaven because of his actions. According to him, where Mackenzie went wrong is taking the properties of his followers, and according to the bible people who value material things won’t enter heaven. However he still supports Mackenzie and he is sure that the pastor is innocent and doesn’t deserve to be criticized.

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