Inside A Church in Kawangware 56 Where Latecomers are Punished ( Slapped).

Jerusalem Church of Christ in Kawangware 56 is among the churches in Kenya that have strict rules. This church is led by self proclaimed prophetess Mary Sinaida Akatsa famous as Dada  Mary.

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This church does not tolerate latecomers. Dada mary who once claimed to have brought Jesus in Kenya in 1988, is the one who punishes anyone who arrive late at their services, regardless of their age brackets.

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The Nairobian found seated on the sides of dusty Gatina Road in Kawangware 56 . A tall perimeter wall surrounds the church where worshipers; women, men and children were clapping and singing at the top of their voices, accompanied by guitars and the beat of drums.

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At this church, the service usually begin at 10:00 am. and anyone who arrived from 10:05 am, is locked out till the service ends. The service usually ends at around 8:00 pm.

Mary Akatsa punishing sinners and latecomers
Mary Akatsa punishing sinners and latecomers.( Courtesy).

Apart from being locked out, Dada Mary herself can choose to punish them by giving them some hot slaps. At times, she whips them, stressing that punishment is biblical.

According to her,
“People must respect the word of God, and it begins with arriving in church on time. Period,” she stressed, explaining that people report to work early and the house of God shouldn’t be an exception.  “

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In the church men and women don’t mix, because she believes that men will start admiring at women. There are other unique rules in the church, where most of the services are done while people are standing. She has a good number of followers and they strongly believe in her.

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