Pritty Vishy Reacts To Her Ex Stivo Simple Boy’s Wife Impregnated By Another Man.

Famous content creator and controversial YouTuber and upcoming socialite, Pritty Vishy has finally reacted to her ex Stivo Simple Boy battling with depression after his wife was impregnated by someone else.

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Through her official Instagram page, Pritty Vishy , decided to reveal everything that happened back in there relationship and why they had to part ways with Stivo Simple Boy, and how karma has happened.

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The socialite said That Simple Boy lied that she was cheating on him with over 50 men, while in real sense, Stivo was the one cheating on her with Grace, the woman that is now pregnant for another man.
Pritty Vishy said that is how Karma works, she said that she was aware that Simple Boy was cheating on her with Grace, and she had to do nothing about that. She left all to God and now Karma has done its thing.

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She gave a sarcastic laughter as she explain how the wife of Simple Boy was impregnated by another man, and why that happened. According to Pritty Vishy, Stivo deserves such, because of his lies and all his bad deeds.

Stivo Simple Boy on the other hand , is battling with depression, the woman he had introduced to the public, and showed interest in marrying,is now pregnant for another man. He is finding it hard to open up, and online media efforts to reach him for full story have failed.
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