” I Charge Ksh.100,000 For Sleepover” A Kenyan Male Tiktoker Jude Magambo Says.

Kenyan gay tiktoker Jude Magambo reveals that, he charges ksh.100,000 for sleep overs.

One of the most famous gay tiktoker in Kenya , Jude Magambo well known as Manzi Wa Meru, has decided to speak out about his sexuality.

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Speaking in an interview with online media , Jude revealed his dating status and also how much he charges to get intimate with other men.

Jude Magambo
Gay tiktoker , Jude Magambo

Magambo is very famous on tiktok, he said that he has decided to make it public that, he has only feelings for men. He realised this when in highschool and since then , he has been dating men and he will never date a lady in his entire life.

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Jude said that currently he is dating a powerful politician in Kenya. They are sharing the politician with Maxwell Mwamburi, who is also a gay and also the politician has a wife.

The threesome relationship is working out very well, though the wife of the politician is not aware that her husband is a gay and is sleeping with men.

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Jude Magambo said that he also sells his body to men. He charges men who are in LGBTQ society ksh.100,000 per night . His services are perfect and they include licking and getting intimate with a fellow man for 24 hours.

He urged those who are interested to dm him and they won’t regret because he will make them love the moment.

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In the current society LGBTQ is taking over, Kenya is slowly becoming the USA of Africa. The Queer community is growing and most of them are now revealing there sexuality to the public, without any fear.

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