Krg Exposed For Failing To Pay  Ksh.50,000 Daughters College Fee

One of the most famous and controversial kenyan celebrity and dancehall artist, also the self proclaimed billionaire, Krg The Don, was exposed for failing to pay his alleged daughter , Yvonne, college fee.

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In the mid of 2023, A woman caused stir online, after she came to the public, and claimed that Krg The Don made her pregnant some years back, and he neglected her with the daughter. The daughter was a 19 years old Yvonne.

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It was a very huge story online, and they had even agreed to go for DNA test, but Krg The Don failed to show up. The two quralled each other for a while, and after Krg The Don seeing that the whole story was a waste of time, he decided to say that he will educate Yvonne.

Krg took Yvonne to a certain institute, and he paid her first term school fees. From there he vanished. Information from reliable sources have revealed that the musician is no longer in communication with Yvonne and her mother. Yvonne was forced to drop out of school due to school fees, Krg didn’t pay the second term school fees.

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It is said that the family have tried to reach out at Krg The Don but they have been unsuccessful. Speaking in an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Casipul revealed that Yvonne Mother is now threatening to take a legal action against Krg The Don. He said that Krg should be responsible father, and pay the school fees of his daughter.

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