” Dad You Look Like Her” Krg’s Sons’ React After Meeting Their Alleged Sister Yvonne.

Krg The Don Sons'React After Meeting Yvonne Njoki

The trending topic of Krg the Don and his alleged daughter, Yvonne Njoki has been taking twists online . It seems like Krg The Don is still in doubts whether Yvonne is his really daughter or not. His three Sons’ had a privilege to meet their alleged sister Yvonne Njoki and their reactions was just awesome.

Krg The Don Sons'React After Meeting Yvonne Njoki
Krg The Don Sons’React After Meeting Yvonne Njoki

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During an interview with Nicholas Kioko, Krg the Don showed up with his children, and they had a chance to interact with Yvonne. While comparing their looks, the three boys seemed to be very excited to meet Yvonne.

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The two of them agreed that their father, Krg The Don, somehow looks alike with Yvonne, and their eyes had some similarities though Yvonne’s eyes are somehow light as compared to Krg’s eyes.
One of his boys had similar looks to Yvonne, and someone could tell clearly that the two are related by blood. It seems there is much that is yet to be known between the relationship of Yvonne’s mother and Krg the Don.

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However Krg The Don defended himself by saying that , the year Yvonne wad born, he was only 11 years, and he wasn’t even in Nairobi. He was schooling at Kilgoris and he was in primary six. The musician agreed that if they will need DNA test, then he is ready for it , so that the truth can be revealed to the world.

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