Pritty Vishy Opens Up on Dating Mulamwah

Madini Classics ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy opens up on dating Mulamwah.


Stivo Simple Boy ex girlfriend and Madini Classics ex girlfriend Pritty Vishy Opens up on dating one of the most famous comedian and radio presenter Mulamwah.

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Pritty Vishy likes being on the trend. Most times she gets hate comments from bullies, after making some controversial statements. Pritty was dating Madini Classic with hopes of becoming the 2nd Wife of Madini. She said she is comfortable with that.

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Pritty Vishy on Dating Mulamwah.

Through an question and answer session on her official Instagram page stories. A fan asked Pritty Vishy is she can date Mulamwah. Pritty laughed and said a big no. She said that she can’t make a mistake of dating Mulamwah.

Why She Can’t Date Mulamwah.

She said that the red flag that makes her not to consider dating Mulamwah is that. Mulamwah  likes exposing his baby Mamas.

Pritty used the example of what happened to Carol Sonnie. She then concluded by saying that can’t happen and will never happen.

Pritty Vishy
Pritty Vishy Reveals why she can’t date Mulamwah.

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Why Pritty Likes making controversial Statements.

It is not the first or 2nd time, Pritty Vishy is making controversial statements. She is always real and any questions she is asked, she never lacks an answer. This has landed her into problems with online netizens, but she is used to being on the trend.

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