How Diana and Bahati Have Helped Their Househelp to Gain Fame and Land into Lucrative Deals.

See how Diana and Bahati have helped their Househelp help to become famous and also land into Lucrative Deals.


Diana and Bahati have helped their Househelp to gain much fame on social media platforms. Irene Nekesa is among the most followed Househelp in Kenya. Her employers have really changed her life.

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Who is Irene Nekesa.

She  is the househelp of Diana Marua and Bahati. The girl who is also a mother, comes from a humble background in Western Kenya. She is a very humble lady and one of the most famous househelps in Kenya.

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How Diana and Bahati have helped their Househelp to gain Fame.

Bahati and Diana decided to make Irene Nekesa to be someone more useful, apart from being a maid. They opened an Instagram account for her.

They maked it and made her more famous. Her account has more than 127k followers. Irene has now a rate card, because she is capable of running adverts on her Instagram page.

How Diana and Bahati Helped Their Househelp to land into lucrative deals.

Having a huge number of followers has helped Irene Nekesa to land into lucrative deals. She was among the brand ambassadors of Camon 17 last year.

Irene is also in the deal of advertising Raha Premium. Irene also collaborates with Diana, Marua in advertising some of the female products. She is a big brand and she is making money from her  Instagram.

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Good salary and schooling her son.

In an interview, Irene revealed that she gets a salary of about ksh. 5 figures per month.

She revealed that her employers are treating her very well. They even took the mandate of schooling her son. Life is good and Irene is enjoying it to the fullest

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