Previous Video Of Mulamwah Admitting To Have Impregnated His Ex Carol Sonnie

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah is trending online after he publicly disowned his own child Keilah Oyando on allegations that his ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie was chewed by another man while they were dating. Hence Mulamwah is claiming that he is not the one who made Carol Sonnie pregnant, and he has publicly disowned the innocent Keilah Oyando.

However what is confusing people is how Mulamwah keeps own twisting his stories. In an interview with Dr Ofweneke, Mulamwah publicly admitted that Keilah is his real child and even before getting her they had planned with Carol Sonnie so he is very sure the child belongs to him and he is the biological father of the child.
(Here is the link to the full video on YouTube)
(courtesy of Dr Ofweneke YouTube).

Then after admitting it publicly now he has changed the tune again, after online drama’s with Kenyans on twitter who really trolled and mocked him, Mulamwah decided to make a very sensitive statement that he might regret in future and he publicly disowned his child Keilah.
(Here is the screenshot).

(courtesy of Mulamwah).

The story is still one sided because Carol Sonnie has not confirmed that the child doesn’t belong to Mulamwah. Carol in the previous interviews said that she is much ready for a DNA test for the child to prove that the baby belongs to Mulamwah. It is a very sensitive story and it is better they solve this offline because the baby is very innocent.

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