“Keilah is not My Kid” Mulamwah Reject His Baby With Her Ex Carol Sonnie.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonnie

(Image, Mulamwah Instagram).

Kelvin Oyando welk known as Mulamwah has caused stir online again. This is after he decided to declare to the public that Keilah Oyando who is his child with her ex girlfriend Carol Sonnie is no longer his kid. Mulamwah has disowned the child claiming that he was not the one who made Carol Sonnie pregnant.

This comes a day after Mulamwah accused Carol Sonnie for cheating on him while they were still dating, got pregnant for another man and aborted the child. According to the evidence Mulamwah provided he said that he was just covering up Carol Sonnie because in real life Carol Sonnie has done many evil things.

After exposing Carol, Mulamwah was trending number one on twitter and everyone was against him, he was forced to pull down all the allegations, and now he has come up with the new allegations that baby Keilah isn’t his child.

(Here is the screenshot of Mulamwah publicly disowning his child Baby Keilah Oyando).

(courtesy of Mulamwah Instagram).

This is very unfortunate, I mean the baby is innocent and he is being exposed like this. I think Mulamwah needs to man up and just solve some sensitive issues offline. Remember social media never forgets and when the kid grows up she will find this information and it will really affect her. Mulamwah is depressed, desperate and needs advise.

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