Meet Paul Ruto, William Ruto’s Brother Who is Living a very Poor Life in the village.

Paul Ruto Brother to William Ruto is living a very humble life in a mud thatched house in the village despite his brother being among the richest politicians in Kenya.

Paul Ruto Brother to William Ruto is the eldest of William Ruto’s family. Ruto has four siblings but his brother Paul is the most poorest among all of them. He is living a very pathetic life in the village. Paul Ruto is both a hustler and a sufferer.

Paul Ruto Brother to William Ruto. (Photo courtesy).

We all know that William Ruto is a very successful man and among the richest politicians in Kenya. However the situation of his brother Paul Ruto has been shocking many people. According to the sources, it has been said that Paul Ruto hasn’t been in good terms with William Ruto.

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There disagreements begun in 2008 when there father died and since then everyone is living his own life. Paul Ruto is currently living in a mud thatched house while his brother William Ruto has several expensive mansions. William Ruto is known for helping hustlers, but the bigger question is why is he not helping his brother Paul Ruto?.

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It has also been reported that Paul played a very crucial role in the making of the deputy president. Paul Ruto was at a point forced to drop out of the school so that William Ruto can learn. He had great hopes that if his brother make it in life, then he will help him. But sadly things have gone left and Paul Ruto is now languishing in poverty.

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In the previous interviews, Paul Ruto Brother to William Ruto is said he is just happy with his lifestyle and he doesn’t expect more. Sometimes family related issues are usually had to understand, however we hope that one day, things will change. We pray that William Ruto will also consider him and change his life.

Here is the link to the full video on YouTube.

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