Raila Odinga Caught Sleeping Live On Camera While Ukur Yatani Was Reading the Budget.

Raila Odinga Sleeping


The former Prime Minister and the flag bearer of Azimio La Umoja Raila Amollo Odinga Was Among the guest who were in the parliament while Ukur Yatani Was reading the 2022 /2023 budget.

The session took almost 1 and half hour, and for a person who doesn’t understand the importance of the budget he or she could have termed it as useless. However Raila tried as much as possible to follow the proceedings keenly but he kept on falling asleep.

A camera caught Raila Sleeping while the cabinet Secretary was in the middle of his budget presentation. This is not the first time Raila has been caught on camera sleeping while important events are going on.
(Here is the photo of Raila Sleeping While Yatani was reading the national budget).

( courtesy).

Raila seemed to be tired because he was just from a meeting with the leaders of Azimio La Umoja parties and the meeting took like 5 hours, he didn’t relax, he headed directly to the parliament. I think Kenyans sometimes need to understand that Raila is 78 years old and there are some things he cannot hold. The important thing is that he knows the content of the budget and being a national leader, if he wins the August 9th elections he knows how he will achieve his goals via the budget that is in place.





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