“Mtuambie Raila Alisoma Wapi, Alisoma na Nani na Alipata Degree Lini” William Ruto.

Ruto Questions Raila's Degree

“Mtuambie Raila Alisoma Wapi, Alisoma na Nani na Alipata Degree Lini” William Ruto.

William Ruto has joined the Sakaja scandal and this time round Ruto has decided to be fearless and controversial by publicly questioning Raila Odinga’s education background.

Speaking in a public rally in Kisii County, Deputy president William Ruto decided to question the qualifications of Azimio La Umoja presidential candidate Raila Odinga. According to Ruto, he alleges that there is no Kenyan who is aware of the schools Raila Odinga attended.

Ruto said that the deep state must stop humiliating Sakaja because Sakaja has publicly shown his papers and they are valid. The person who is supposed to show his papers to the public is Raila Odinga, Ruto said that it is time for Raila to prove to Kenyans that he went to school and acquired the degrees .

“Kabla muanze kuzungusha Sakaja, mkipiga simu na kupanga njama ya venye mtamnyanyasa, tunataka mtuonyeshe certificates za huyo project yenu. Mtuambie alisoma wapi na alisoma na akina nani” Angry Ruto said.
Here is the link to the full video on YouTube (courtesy).
According to the reliable sources it is said that Raila Odinga has several degrees, including one from a famous engineering school in Germany, and it is also said that he has ever been a lecturer at the great University of Nairobi. However the certificates and credentials haven’t been availed online. IEBC also said that Raila Odinga has all the academic qualifications and he is qualified to be a presidential candidate.

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