” Tulijua tu ni Mkora” Angry Kenyans React After Ruto Said Hustlers Funds is a Loan With Interest.

Kenyans reactions after Ruto said hustlers funds is a loan with interest.

During Campaigns , President William Ruto , is on record promising to give Kenyans Hustlers Funds. The president went all over the country telling all his supporters that he will completely change the lives of jobless youths and hustlers, however the tune seems to be changing.

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William Ruto said that the government is giving groups loans with alot of interest, and that was the reason people fear borrowing them. He said openly that if he ascend to the top seat he will issue hustlers fund. He said the government will set aside ksh. 50 billion to just help the hustlers.

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In his previous statement, the president said that this funds will be free . They will be just meant to help the hustlers. He didn’t say that it will be a loan with interest.

However in his latest statement, Ruto has changed the tune and said that the funds will be a loan. He said that it will be a loan with an interest of 10% . This it wasn’t his words during the campaign season.

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A section of angry Kenyans have taken the social media pages, to blast the president for just enticing them . Here is a screenshot of some of the comments from tiktok netizens.

Hustlers Funds
Kenyans reactions after Ruto said hustlers funds is a loan with interest.

However the interest seems to be low and maybe it is because of the situation the country is facing. We hope all shall be well , lets give the president some time .

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