Francis Atwoli : “Mzoee Sauti ya Ruto sasa, He is Our Father, Sisi Siasa yetu Haikuwa na Ujuzi.

Francis Atwoli Accepts Ruto's win

Cotu secretary general , Francis Atwoli has finally accepted the president elect William Ruto. Atwoli was among the biggest rivals of Ruto and he is on record insulting the former deputy president ,and even saying he will never be the president of Kenya.

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Francis Atwoli Accepting William Ruto as the president.

Francis Atwoli
Cotu secretary general Francis Atwoli

Speaking via a viral video online, Atwoli has urged all the Azimio supporter’s to accept Ruto. The famous Luhya leader has said that Ruto outsmarted Azimio la Umoja. He applaused Ruto and said that he is very smart politically. Atwoli said that Ruto is now the father of the nation and must be respected.

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“Sasa mzoeee sauti ya Ruto, sisi siasa yetu haikuwa na ujuzi. Ruto outsmarted us and we have accepted. He is our father na tutamheshimu”.

The workers union leader said that it is time for now to move on as a country. He said that he is optimistic that William Ruto will lead this nation very well. It is politics and there is always a winner and a looser.

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