Obinna Opens Up On Dating Samidoh’s Bestie Bernice.

Famous comedian and content creator, Obinna of Obinna Tv, decided to open up on his relationship with Samidoh’s bestie , Bernice Saruni. This is after the two were spotted getting cosy, in the car, and also seeming to have something more than friendship.

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The viral romours online is that the two are allegedly in a relationship, and there are claims that Bernice has been spending quality time with Obinna while in Kenya.Remember Bernice is based in USA , but she do visit Kenya frequently.

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Speaking in an interview, with Trudy Kitui, Obinna said that he was shocked to see him trending online on allegations of dating Bernice. He said that they are just best friends who like spending quality time together.

Obinna said that him and Bernice have a very good chemistry, and they are a vibe, if there is something going on, he will reveal it to the public. He said that they both have four children each, and they are both single, hence they can date if nature decides so.

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However for now they are just best friends, and incase they date, then people should be prepared for a huge wedding, that might happen in USA , because Bernice resides there. For now people should stop judging and overthinking, they are just good best friends . For now he is still single.

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