” Alikuliwa Bibi!” Reactions After Rapudo Says He Will Reveal The Cause of Breakup After Amberay Has Given Birth.

After Amberay revealing to the public that she has parted ways with her fiance Kennedy Rapudo, Rapudo decided to confirm the breakup via his official Instagram page, and went on and turned his page to private, meaning that he doesn’t want to be trolled or asked questions by social media users who aren’t following him.

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Through his Official Instagram page stories, Rapudo said that he will reveal the truth why he decided to part ways with Amberay , after the socialite has given birth. This is in 2 months time. Amberay is currently 8 months pregnant.

Kennedy Rapudo Break's up with Amberay
Kennedy Rapudo Break’s up with Amberay

The statements by Rapudo has raised alot of questions among the Social media users. A good number of people have claimed that it is like Amberay cheated on Rapudo , and maybe Rapudo isn’t sure if the pregnancy belongs to him. Therefore is waiting for Amberay to give birth, then they go ahead and do DNA test to know if the baby belongs to Rapudo or someone else.

Reactions to Kennedy Rapudo and Amberay Breakup
Reactions to Kennedy Rapudo and Amberay Breakup

Remember Amberay has been in several relationships, before deciding to settle with Rapudo she had been in like 3 other unsuccessful relationships, her and Rapudo haven’t even dated for a year but it has ended in premium tears.

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