From Grass to Grace: Meet The Youngest PHD Holder in Kenya Who Scored 235 Marks.

Youngest Phd Holder in Kenya

Purity Ngina Holds the record of the Youngest PHD holder in Kenya. She is from a very humble background . However the young lady Managed to beat all the odds and became great through education. She is a clear definition of light at the end of every tunnel.

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Who is Purity Ngina.

She was born in Nyeri County in 1990 .  She currently manages research assessment for Zizi Afrique Foundation and is an academic.

The education Journey of the Youngest PHD Holder in Kenya.

She attended a local primary school and she used to go to school barefoot because of poverty. She finished her primary school in 2002 . She scored 235 marks in KCPE.

She didn’t appear to be deterred by this. She retook class in grade 8 the next year in an effort to achieve her goals, and she ultimately earned 368 points.

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She proceeded to secondary school , passed KCSE very well and secured a chance to join Egerton University. She graduated with bachelors in mathematics and chemisty. She continued and graduated from masters in applied mathematics at the same institution.

Youngest Phd Holder in Kenya
Purity Ngina, Youngest Phd Holder in Kenya/Courtesy.

Purity continued with her education and as she gives lectures to Strathmore University students. She received funding for her PhD schooling while she was a professor at Strathmore University. At this time she was 28 years. Hence while at this age she earned a doctor of philosophy ( PHD ) in biomathematics.

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That is an amazing story of Purity Ngina and a clear definition of hard work pays and success is as a result of strong will to win. Never give up on your dreams ,always give your best and believe in God everything will work out.

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