Born Different : Meet Amina, A Woman Who Does not Have A Face.

The sad story of how Amina was born without a face.


We are all born different from each other. We are perfect, we all have our own imperfections. Amina is a woman who Does not Have a  Face.

Her condition has shocked many people, but it is her imperfection. Here is the story of how Amina found herself without a face.

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All about a Woman Who Does not Have a Face.

Who is Amina?

A Woman who Does not Have a Face
Amina, A Woman who Does not Have a Face /Photo Courtesy

Amina is a Woman  Who  Does not Have a Face. She is from one of the native villages in Africa. She is a normal human beings, the difference is that she lacks a face. Amina was only born by a mouth only. She uses her mouth to eat and breathe.

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For How Long has a Woman Who Does not Have a Face Lived with the Condition?.

She was born in 1942. This has been her lifestyle since then. Doctors have tried all their best to see if she can have a face  but they have failed. So Amina was forced to remain as a Woman who Does not Have a Face.

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Being a Woman who Does not  Have a Face, made Amina to be mocked when she was young. Most people told her that she will never found a husband.

But through God’s luck, Amina got a husband. They together got three kids, but they parted ways. They didn’t separate because of her condition. They separated  because of internal feuds and other issues that were unavoidable.

How the condition has affected her.

This condition has affected her legs. She can walk, but she can’t walk perfectly. There is no hospital that has been capable of treating her. It is a new thing, that is why she has be forced to live with the condition.

Receiving Help and Waiting for Endtimes.

Amani is the person who has been taking care of Amina. He has been providing care for her. In addition to this, support from abroad has also helped Amina. Despite her condition she is living a healthy lifestyle as she waits for her death.

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