Nurse Judy: If I Post How I’m Suffering Kenyans Are Always Happy, But If I Post How I Earn 2.1 M in 2 Weeks They Are Angry.

The Kenyan nurse who is based in USA , decided to open up on how Kenyans react to peoples situations, and why she stopped listening to what people say, because nowander what a person does, kenyans will always have something to say.

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Speaking in an interview with Mungai Eve, Nurse Judy said that most kenyans love suffering and glorify poverty. She said that this is from her personal experience. She said that when she was still working in Kenya as a nurse, she used to share her ksh.33,000 payslip with Kenyans online.

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She used to break down the salary and show them how it wasn’t enough, and how sometimes working as a nurse in Kenya is tiresome but with very little salaries. When she did that, most of the people online used to praise her, encourage her, and tell her how she is a very humble and open nurse.

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According to nurse judy, when she was suffering, Kenyans were happy and they kept on encouraging her. They always said positive things about her, but when she started making millions of money, their perception towards her changed.
Nurse Judy said that when she moved to USA things changed and her payslip rose. Because USA pays very well its nurses, she started making huge amount of money from her carer.

She didn’t change, she continued doing the same things she used to do before, which is sharing her payslip with her fans online and break it down. The difference this time is that she used to show a payslip of about Ksh.2.1 Million in 2 Weeks .

She was however shocked to see the reactions of Kenyans, most of them criticized her, and told her that she likes bragging. Yet she was doing just the same thing she used to do while she was suffering.

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Judy said that Kenyans hate to see a person succeeding, they always glorify poverty, and they like to see a person suffering, they always like poor people. However she said that doesn’t bother her anymore because she knows whatever she does people must talk and she is okay with it because she never fakes anything in her life.

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